Healing Methodology - "LOVE AND LIGHT"

September 9, 2017

Method of healing , Self-healing, Consciousness, Health, Youth, Balance and Harmony at All Levels.
Love - this is the love of the Creator, Divine love and energy.

Love loves everyone. There is no pain and suffering in it.
There is no commitment. Everything negative and negative dissolves and clears in a strong, bright light. Transforms into pure, positive energy. With Divine love for all.


LOVE AND LIGHT is a way to the Divine Love, which is in all and everything. Our relationship with Creator and Creator. The Creator within us, the Divine, and our relationship with the whole Universe.


LOVE AND LIGHT is a healing method. It works effectively for health, awareness, balance and harmony at all levels:


- Physically
- Mentally
- Psychological
- Emotionally
- Spiritually
- Karmic.


The therapeutic session is performed by placing the palm in positions or at a distance.
LOVE AND LIGHT is a path to the Divine Love, which is in all and everything.
This is a new energy methodology for healing, spiritual growth, greater vitality, divine power, pure living energy. It gives awareness and clarity. Free from unnecessary suffering. It helps to realize our way of life, our mission and our right to free choice as a result of the opportunities they provide us.

It frees us from everything that blocks our spiritual growth, accompanied by Love, Truth and Freedom.

The healing method shows very high results for severe diseases, which are derecognized by traditional medicine.


Maya Dzhonova Stoyanova

+359 88 797 0903









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